A-HEAD RECORDS : Hideki Tsutsumi’s Profile

Hideki Tsutsumi
Music and Theatrical Producer at A-HEAD RECORDS
Producer at Victor Music Arts
Career History

Tsutsumi commenced his music career as a tour member of Junko Yagami in 1987 and produced musical works for well-known artists and performers including:

l Kohirumaki Kaoru
l Zeppet Store
l Fuzzy Control
l Mieko Kawakami
l Gospelers
l Keiko Toda
l Koji Yamamoto.
l Kaori Futenma

His theatrical works includes a musical direction of the theatrical performance “5days of MIYAVI” in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Theater.

After launching his own record label, “a-head Records”, he released a CD ”a piece of water” and a sequence of art-collaboration-web TV programs called ”BAKUHATSU!!MAN”.

Tsutsumi relaunched “A-HEAD RECORDS” to produce a movie and musical contents in Fukuoka with Koji Masuda in 2013. His most recent producing work is an album ORU” written by Makiyo Mimura, featuring Shakuhachi performer Kozan.

A-HEAD RECORDS is collaborating with Choya on IMAGINE ONEWORLD project, in production of music and motion graphics contents.